Never Contact Leads With Fake or Incorrect Phone Numbers Again

Automatically verify your prospect’s phone number right in your lead form to ensure that you (or your clients) are contacting qualified leads with verified phone numbers.

Why use LeadVerify?

We could give you a million reasons why, but here are some of the top:

Reduce Time Lost on Invalid Contacts

Setup in a Few Clicks – Free from Technical Hassles

Get More Qualified Leads and Boost Efficiency

Significant Value-Add for Agencies and Lead Sellers

How LeadVerify Works

LeadVerify is an add-on feature that enables real-time verification of your leads' contact details directly within your LeadForm — providing peace of mind for you, your clients, or lead buyers by eliminating concerns about unreliable leads with fake or incorrect contact details. Currently, LeadVerify offers OTP Phone Verification, and we are excited to announce the upcoming addition of real-time email verification in 2024.

Setup in just a few clicks

Skip the hassle and expense of building your own verification infrastructure. We manage everything – from using registered, reliable phone numbers to programmatic sending pools – all easily set up in just a few clicks.

lead verify

Easy verification for prospects

1. The prospect inputs their phone number.

2. A verification code is instantly sent to the prospect’s phone via SMS.

3. The prospect enters this code to validate their phone number.

And just like that, you captured a phone verified lead. 

otp verification code

Capture verified and unverified leads

Choose to filter out unverified phone numbers or capture every lead, regardless of verification status. Each lead is clearly marked as ‘verified’ or ‘unverified’, and these tags can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM for easy access by your team, clients, and lead buyers.

If you sell or distribute leads, showcasing their verified status enhances the perceived value of your leads.

number verified

Email verification is coming soon

Get ready to verify prospect email addresses in real-time directly within your LeadForm. This feature aims to eliminate fake, mistyped, and spam bot submissions with a simple, one-click setup. Coming in 2024!

email verification

Frequently Asked Questions

At present, LeadVerify specializes in OTP (One-Time Password) Phone Verification. We are also excited to announce that email verification capabilities are in the pipeline and will be introduced soon.

Currently, LeadVerify is tailored for LeadForms built via GetLeadForms.com. We are actively working towards expanding LeadVerify’s functionality to make it compatible with various other forms in the future.

Absolutely, our OTP Phone Verification is designed to work globally. We utilize programmatic number pooling, which instantly identifies the location of your lead and dynamically selects the most appropriate sending number based on their country, ensuring seamless service worldwide.

You can learn more about how to setup OTP Phone Verification within your LeadForm by visiting our support documentation here. 

Absolutely! You can choose to capture leads regardless of whether they verify their phone number. Our system allows you to decide whether to block or accept unverified leads. If you choose to accept unverified leads, the system will categorize them as either verified or unverified. These tags can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM or email system for your convenience.

There are two answers to consider:

Answer 1: If you choose to use OTP Phone Verification and block unverified leads, it’s possible to observe a decrease in overall conversion rates. However, this approach aims to enhance lead quality by filtering out spam submissions and individuals who provide fake or incorrect phone numbers.

Answer 2: Alternatively, you can opt to capture leads, even if they don’t successfully verify their phone number. In this case, you’ll still collect email addresses and other details while tagging the prospect’s phone number as unverified. This approach ensures that there will be no negative impact on your overall conversion rates.

OTP Phone Verification operates on a credit-based system and is available as an add-on feature. For detailed information on pricing and available plans, please visit our dedicated “Plans and Pricing” page.

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