Free Cost Per Lead Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much you should be charging clients per lead. This calculator is best for pay-per-lead marketers, lead generators, and agencies selling leads to businesses.

Cost Per Lead Calculator

Cost Per Lead Calculator

What's our formula for calculating cost per lead?

In the Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) industry, determining how much to charge per lead can be a bit of a puzzle, especially when you’re trying to maximize profit without years of trial and error.

Every industry has its nuances, and what works for one may not work for another. However, there is a straightforward method to help guide you in setting your lead prices. This method isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but it’s a useful starting point.

The Simple Calculation Method:

  • Determine the Average Order Value (AOV): This is the typical amount a customer spends in a transaction in your specific industry. For instance, in some sectors, a converted lead might represent an average value of $3,000.
  • Divide the AOV by 3: This step helps to balance the potential revenue with the inherent risks and costs associated with lead generation. Using the previous example, if the AOV is $3,000, dividing this by 3 gives $1,000.
  • Calculate the 5Conversion Rate: Estimate what your average calculated figure would be, we recommend 5%. This step is grounded in the assumption that a reasonable percentage of leads will convert into sales. So, 5% of $1,000 equates to $50.

Result – Your Price Per Lead: Following this formula, in our example, you would charge $50 per lead.

This calculation provides a general benchmark for pricing your leads. It’s a balance between the value a lead brings to your clients and the effort and cost involved in generating that lead. Remember, this is a starting point. As you gain more insight into your specific market and adjust for factors like lead quality, competition, and client budgets, you may need to refine your pricing strategy.

This method, shared by Dan Wardrobe from Flexxable, offers a pragmatic approach to lead pricing, especially useful when you’re navigating the complexities of PPL marketing in different industries.

What is a cost per lead calculator?

In Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) marketing, a Cost Per Lead (CPL) Calculator is a key tool for PPL marketers and lead generation agencies. It plays a crucial role in determining the right pricing strategy for selling leads to clients. Understanding and accurately calculating the cost per lead is vital for lead sellers to ensure profitability while remaining competitive in the market.

How to charge more per lead?

There are various ways to increase how much you can charge per lead. From targeting industries with high AOVs to offering more qualified leads. Read this blog post to discover some various ways to charge more per lead

What is an approximate CPL by industry?

Here’s a detailed table showcasing the average cost per lead by industry. Please keep in mind that this table is a rough estimate and the amount you charge per lead will vary based on factors. Just think of this as a general guideline.


Average Cost Per Lead

Home Services


Appliance Repair


House Cleaning


Home Inspections




Mobile Car/Auto Detailing


Mobile Mechanic


Pet Services


Dog Grooming


Pet Care Services


Health and Wellness


Senior In-Home Health Care


Counseling Services




Professional Services


Legal Services/Attorney


Notary Services




Property Management


Cleaning and Maintenance


Commercial Cleaning (One-time/Recurring)


Pressure Washing


Pool Service


Construction and Renovation


General Construction






Disaster Restoration Services


Water Damage Restoration


Fire Damage Restoration


Smoke Damage Restoration


Others/General Services




DJ Services


Dumpster Services




B2B SaaS


Marketing agencies


IT and technical services


Business services


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