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Build Lead Forms That Capture More (and Better) Leads for Clients

GetLeadForms makes it easier than ever to build high converting lead forms that capture qualified leads, then route the leads straight to your clients with your agency’s branding attached to each lead.

This means happier clients, longer retention rates, and more revenue for your agency. 

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GetLeadForms integrates into all your favorite tools

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“GetLeadForms has been a real game changer for our marketing agency by giving us the control we need to update our forms in real time without a developer or specialized staff member to manage them. The integrations alone are such a time saver by having everything you could possibly need to be compliant and run an effective marketing campaign under one platform that is super affordable.”
Michael Taylor, Injury Case Claims

How GetLeadForms helps agencies

Your clients aren't just after more leads; they want quality leads too. The issue? Their existing web forms may not be cutting it. GetLeadForms steps in to make things easier. It helps you quickly create and launch effective lead forms that grab attention and convert better. This means you'll see improved leads on your clients' websites, landing pages, and campaigns –which leads to happier clients.

Qualify your client's leads

Stop sending clients unqualified leads

Build Leadforms that ask one question at a time, so your client’s form is more like a conversation. This allows you to capture more information for your clients.


Embedded and pop-up forms

Don't let your client's leads slip away

Build Leadforms that ask one question at a time, so your client’s form is more like a conversation. This allows you to capture more information for your clients.

White-labeled lead notifications

End your frustrations of slow client follow-up​ ​

Once you’ve captured a lead, GetLeadForms instantly sends the lead straight to your client’s email, phone, or to their sales team for faster follow-up. The best part? You can white-label the notifications so you get all the credit. 

  • Client Notifications: Alert clients via email or SMS as soon as you capture them a lead.
  • Integrations: Use our native CRM integrations, Zapier, or Webhooks for flexibility.
  • Agency white-labeling: Easily white-label the lead notifications with your agency’s branding so you get all the credit.
route your leads

Step based metrics

Don't let leads slip through the cracks​

With step-based metrics & analytics you get a crystal-clear view of where prospects drop-off in your client’s lead forms. Harness this data to optimize every part of your client’s form.

This means more leads and better ROI from your marketing campaigns.

step based metrics

Conversion-boosting features

Stop losing leads to bad forms

Now you can finally break free from forms that work against you, with LeadForms that include dozens of conversion-boosting features. Personalize your client’s LeadForms and leverage built-in social proof to increase conversions. We’re continuously adding new features to help you get your clients more (and better) leads.

TCPA & Opt-in compliance

Ease compliance anxiety for clients

Compliance is super important, especially if your client wants to get in touch with potential customers through phone or text. GetLeadForms makes it easy to create forms that play by the rules, like TCPA and GDPR.

  • No Legal Hassles: Easily add TCPA and GDPR stuff without breaking a sweat.
  • Get Reliable Consent: GLF works smoothly with tools like ActiveProspect Trusted Form to make sure you’ve got proof of consent for your client.
  • Share Proof of Consent: You can easily show clients that they’ve got the green light to contact their leads.
tcpa and opt-in compliance

Platform white-labeling

Add more value to your clients

With platform white-labeling you can get your own custom branded version of the entire GetLeadForms platform, hosted on your own domain. 

  • Manage all of your clients LeadForms in one place.
  • Give your clients direct access to their leads with your own custom branded login page.
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Agencies ❤️ GetLeadForms

Andy Black
Andy BlackDigital Insight
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We've been using Leadforms on landing pages for our Google Ads clients and there's been a noticeable increase in conversions. Not only that, each enquiry/lead has more data attached than a straight "Contact Us" form fill. This is proving very insightful for our clients
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We had tested some chat apps and weren’t impressed with the conversions it was bringing in. Someone recommended LeadForms so we gave it a try and I’m glad we did! Anything that brings in more leads for our clients means it’s a homerun in our minds. The UX of the backend is very easy to use plus support is AMAZING! I’m also very much into design and the widget looks good on sites. It has that chat style look but it’s a multi-step form which is awesome.
John Porrini
John PorriniB2B Growth Marketer
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Before using GetLeadForms I struggled to get qualified leads. After switching to GetLedForms the difference in lead quality was night and day. I was able to send better leads to sales and make them look smarter in the process!

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