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What's your CPM?

What is a CPM?

CPM, or Cost Per Mille, denotes the expense involved in achieving 1,000 advertising impressions. Occasionally, it is also known as Cost Per Thousand.

As a crucial indicator in the advertising field, CPM sheds light on the efficiency of marketers’ ad spending. By conducting a comprehensive evaluation, it assists them in enhancing the profitability of their advertisements.

How to Calculate CPM With Our Free Calculator

The CPM calculation formula can be expressed like this:

CPM = (Total Advertising Expenditure / Total Ad Impressions) * 1000

Example: CPM of $2,000 = ($5,000 / 2,500 Impressions) * 1000

However, you don’t need to rely on a manual calculation. Utilize our complimentary online CPM calculator provided above. Simply input the overall campaign cost and the quantity of ad impressions, then click “Calculate CPM” — we’ll handle the rest for you!

The calculator above will also work if you’re looking for a YouTube CPM calculator or an Instagram CPM calculator.

What's The Difference Between CPM, CPA, and CPC

There are numerous advertising metrics, each with its own abbreviation, which can be perplexing. To clarify the distinctions between CPM, CPA, and CPC, here are some brief explanations…

  • CPM — The cost of advertising per one thousand impressions. This is most advantageous for increasing brand awareness.
  • CPA — The cost of advertising per action executed (conversion, opt-in, sales, etc.). This is most beneficial when targeting a specific objective.
  • CPC — The cost of advertising per click. This is most valuable when managing a fixed advertising budget and seeking to determine the expense of each click.

What is an Appropriate CPM for Each Advertising Platform?

The average CPM for the specified platforms  below are as follows. Note that these figures may have changed since we ran this report and it is advised to consult the latest data for more accurate information:

PlatformAverage CPM RangeDescription
Facebook$0.50 – $3.00CPM varies based on targeting, ad placement, and industry.
Instagram$1.00 – $4.00Typically higher CPM than Facebook.
LinkedIn$6.00 – $9.00One of the highest CPMs among social media platforms.
Twitter$3.50 – $6.00CPM depends on factors such as targeting and ad types.
Google Display Network$2.00 – $3.00CPM for Google Display Network.
YouTube Ads$5.00 – $10.00CPM for YouTube ads.


Please remember that these figures are subject to change and may no longer be accurate. It’s best to consult the most recent data or seek assistance from an advertising professional to get updated information on average CPM rates.

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