How Solar Energy World Qualifies and Closes Leads From a Facebook Ad

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Today, I’m going to show you one really effective way that Solar Energy World is generating residential solar leads. We’ll look at how they capture a consistent flow of leads with a Facebook ad, qualify their leads, and even their follow-up system. Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is Solar Energy World?

solar energy world

Solar Energy World is a leading provider of incentive solar panel systems for residential property owners along the east coast of the United States. They’ve been in business since 2009 and have tens of thousands of customers. Competing in a highly competitive market against companies like Sunrun, Solar Energy World has managed to stand out with innovative lead generation strategies.

Q&A: Solar Energy World’s Lead Generation Strategy

Q: How competitive is the solar industry in terms of cost per click?

A: The solar industry is highly competitive. According to Ahrefs, keywords like “solar panels Orlando” can cost as much as $10 per click, with some keywords such as “solar panel installation Maryland” costing as high as $15 per click. This high cost per click makes it essential to have an effective lead generation and follow-up strategy.

solar energy keywords cpc

Q: How does Solar Energy World attract leads?

A: Solar Energy World uses a highly effective Facebook ad to capture leads. The ad features a graphic of a simple quiz with eye-catching colors designed to stop users from scrolling.

solar energy world's facebook ad

This type of ad is known as a scroll stopper — something that’s so good that it causes someone to stop scrolling their their feed looking at cat pics, to look at the ad.

The copy reads, “Fight back against outrageous electric bills, apply for a free consultation with Solar Energy World, and learn how much you could save by going solar.”

Q: What happens when users click on the Facebook ad?

A: When users click the ad, they are directed to a landing page where they can continue the process of finding out how much they can save by going solar by entering their zip code. This leads them into a multi-step qualification process.

Q: How does Solar Energy World qualify their leads?

A: Solar Energy World asks a series of qualifying questions after users enter their zip code. These questions include:

  • Do you own your property? (Homeowners are more likely to qualify than renters.)
  • What type of property do you own? (Single-family homes are a common choice.)
  • Are you interested in leasing or purchasing a solar system?
  • Would you like a battery backup with your installation? (could this be an upsell play)?
  • How old is your roof?

These questions help Solar Energy World identify qualified leads and potential upsell opportunities before getting on the phone with them.

Q: What’s unique about Solar Energy World’s follow-up process?

A: Solar Energy World follows up immediately after a lead submits the form. Within minutes, the lead receives a phone call, which is followed by a voicemail if the call is not answered. The voicemail is polished, likely pre-recorded, and part of an automated follow-up process.

Q: How does Solar Energy World use text messages in their follow-up strategy?

A: In addition to phone calls, Solar Energy World sends follow-up text messages immediately after the form submission and continues to send texts in the following days. These messages are personalized, including the lead’s name, to increase engagement.

Q: What about email follow-ups?

A: Solar Energy World also sends follow-up emails. The initial email thanks the lead for their interest in solar energy and includes a call-to-action to schedule a meeting. They offer multiple time options to make it easy for the lead to say yes.

Key Takeaways

Q: What are the key takeaways from Solar Energy World’s lead generation strategy?

A: There are several key takeaways:

  1. Lead with a Compelling Offer: Solar Energy World entices leads by highlighting potential savings on electric bills, flipping the typical perception of solar installation being expensive.
  2. Qualify Leads Effectively: Their qualification questions ensure they are capturing high-quality leads that are more likely to convert.
  3. Implement a Multi-Channel Follow-Up System: They follow up through phone calls, text messages, and emails, ensuring they stay top of mind with their leads.
  4. Be Persistent and Consistent: Their follow-up strategy is both persistent and consistent, which is crucial for converting leads in a competitive market.

See Solar Energy World’s Follow-Up Emails, Calls and Texts

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Wrapping Up

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