How Homelight Gets Home Seller Leads

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Today, I’m going to spill the beans on how Homelight generates a boatload of home seller leads in a digestible Q&A style. Ready to dominate? Let’s dive in!

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What is Homelight?

Homelight is a real estate tech company that connects real estate agents with buyers and sellers through its online platform. They also make quick cash offers to buy homes. As of 2021, Homelight was valued at over $1.6 billion. With such success, there’s definitely something valuable to learn from their lead generation strategies.

Q&A: Homelight’s Killer Strategy for Home Seller Leads

Q: What makes Homelight’s lead generation strategy stand out?

Homelight has perfected capturing home seller leads by using both paid and organic methods to drive traffic to their funnel using a home valuation quiz. They dominate Google search results for terms like “what’s my home worth,” which, according to Ahrefs, gets over 4,400 monthly searches in the US. This is a goldmine for potential leads.

homelight's home valuation quiz

Q: How does Homelight attract so much traffic?

Homelight ranks for thousands of keywords like “Home Value Estimator,” “Real Estate Home Value Estimator,” and “House Estimator.” Their page attracts a ton of traffic, both paid and organic, making their funnel robust and highly effective.

homelights organic traffic from ahrefs

Q: What does Homelight’s paid search ad look like?

Their ad asks, “Want to see the value of your home? Enter your address.” This simple yet powerful question targets home sellers directly, making them more likely to click. The headline is engaging and directly addresses what the user is looking for.

homelight's google ad

Q: What’s so special about Homelight’s landing page?

Homelight’s landing page leads with value, offering a real-world home value estimate in less than two minutes. This irresistible offer is hard to pass up for anyone thinking about selling their home. They also use real-time social proof to show others completing the form, which adds credibility and urgency.

Q: What happens after a user enters their address on the landing page?

After entering an address, users verify their location on a map and answer qualification questions. These questions, like “Are you thinking of selling soon?” help Homelight tailor their follow-up. If you choose ASAP, they follow up immediately. If you choose 12+ months, they likely nurture you over time.

From there, they continue asking qualification questions. Homelight asks about the condition of the home and whether the user is currently working with an agent. This information helps them provide a more accurate valuation and effectively qualify leads.

homelight's qualification questions

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Q: How does Homelight close the lead funnel?

After collecting all necessary details, Homelight asks users to create a free account. They phrase their request as “Where should we send your estimate?” This reinforces the value users will receive and makes them more likely to provide their contact details.

homelight final step of form

Q: What follow-up strategy does Homelight use?

Homelight follows up immediately with an email and multiple text messages. Right after submitting the form, users receive a welcome email with next steps. Homelight also sends three text messages the same day, ensuring they stay top of mind. This aggressive follow-up strategy helps them close more leads.

homelight's follow-up email

Q: What can we learn from Homelight’s follow-up strategy?

The key takeaway is the importance of immediate and persistent follow-up. Homelight’s strategy of sending multiple follow-up messages via email and text in a short period keeps them in front of potential leads, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Q: How can other industries apply Homelight’s tactics?

While Homelight’s strategy is tailored to real estate, the principles can be applied across various industries. The key is to lead with value, offer something irresistible, and follow up aggressively. Whether you’re in mortgage, real estate, or another field, these tactics can help you capture and convert more leads.

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Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap for this edition of the Lead Gen Blueprint. If you found this helpful, please share this wherever you found it. Got a specific industry, tactic or company you want me to cover in the next Lead Gen Blueprint? Just let me know!

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Thanks for reading out, and I’ll catch you next time!

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