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Easily build multi step forms for WordPress, no coding required. Here’s how easy it is to get started:

➡ Step #1: Create a GetLeadForms account

➡ Step #2: Pick a template, make it your own

➡ Step #3: Embed the form on your WordPress site

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Compatible with ANY WordPress Themes


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Studio Press
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The EASY way to build multi step forms for WordPress

Building multi step forms in WordPress is hard. The problem with most multi step form builder plugins for WordPress is that they are hard to use, lack features, and end up slowing your site down. GetLeadForms takes the pain out of creating high converting multi-step forms. Our form builder makes it easy to build any type of multi step form you need without having to code anything yourself! Simply build your form in GetLeadForms then paste it into your WordPress site, it’s that easy!

How Does GetLeadForms Work?

Step 1: Create a Multi Step Form Using Our Starter Templates

wordpress multi step form start with a template

Step 2: Customize Your Lead Form To Match Your Website

wordpress multi step form design no coding needed

Step 3: Copy & Paste Your Form Into Your WordPress Website

add multi step form to wordpress site

Step 4: Test & Adjust In Real Time To Increase Leads

get more leads with a/b tests

All of the features that you need to build high converting forms in WordPress

From integrations and webhooks, to multiple form types — GetLeadForms gives you everything you need to build better lead forms.

Exit Popup Technology

Engage visitors as they are leaving your website with our exit pop-up setting.

Timed Popups

Create timed pop-up and segment your pop-up settings by device type.

Embedded/Inline Forms

Embed your multi step lead form directly into your landing page with one line of code.

Customizable Lead Capture Forms

Customize all parts of your forms: font colors, backgrounds, steps, questions, and more!

Page Level Targeting

Segment traffic and leads with page level targeting. Add pages and more.

Full Raw Code Access

Generate a raw code version of your form for faster load times and more customization.

Email & CRM Integrations

Push leads int your email service using Zapier or one of our native integrations.


Setup webhooks to post leads into custom systems and even multiple systems at once!

Email & SMS Notifications

Receive instant lead notifications via email and SMS.

Analytics & Insights

Get real-time insights into your form’s performance and step conv rates.

A/B Testing

Create simple, yet effective A/B tests to boost leads and conversions.

And More Conversion Features

Increase conversions with built-in social proof, personalization, and more!

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GetLeadForms Plays Nicely With The Rest Of Your Tech Stack

GetLeadForms works with any WordPress theme. Easily send leads from your lead form into your CRM, email, and marketing automation tools. GetLeadForms provides multiple ways to get your leads into your systems — from direct integrations to web hooks and even Zapier!

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