What makes GetLeadForms Different?

Watch this video from our founder to hear his thoughts about exactly what gap GetLeadForms fills in the market, who GetLeadForms is for, what makes us different, and where we are headed in the future.
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What others are saying...

I'm an agency owner entering the affiliate / high-volume lead world and I signed up for 7 or more softwares to do quiz landers and NOBODY gets it. This is the first tool I've seen that GETS it

Great-looking forms, easy to use and short learning curve, lots of videos, helpful and responsive team, what else can you ask for.

INCREDIBLE attention to customers and care for the product and service rendered. Well worth the investment IMO. I know I did the right investment, not just in the service...sure, its great...but more importantly in JOHN. Invest in people before product. He's a dude that cares about GetLeadForms and about his customers

I love that it just works! Anything that brings in more leads for our clients means it’s a homerun in our minds.The UX of the backend is very easy to use plus support is AMAZING! I’m also very much into design and the widget looks good on sites. It has that chat style look but it’s a multi-step form which is awesome.

Support is awesome and the product is really great. Some work needs to be added as far as integration with pabbly and adding more forms but it's a toolbox for anyone trying to get customers online or onboarding.

I have to say that just the onboarding process has left me knowing this is a very well thought through piece of software. The introductory video and documentation is super clear and easy to understand - i Wait to see the simple way they've handled conditional logic for instance, along with a few brilliant additions for lead form promotion like a global floating chat window for your website that takes your customer straight to the form. The founder John clearly knows what he's doing and his marketing background shows its value in every facet of GetLeadForms, including reminding you that you're solving a problem for your customer and helping you identify their pain points right in the form. Just had to give kudos to this product in my experience so far. Now on to having some fun with forms.

I immediately opened the app after purchasing to play around. Found a template I liked and dug in. I believe I found a UX/UI issue that had me stuck. Instead of abandoning the app and ultimately refunding, I decided to make a video and send it through the support link. WOW... The founder replied within the hour with a video explaining how I could get the result I wanted. He went on to explain how it works and his eagerness to update the system to reflect my use case. LOVE THAT! Do I expect every founder to be on call 24/7 to answer everyone's questions and concerns - NO? However, being responsive is priority #1. When a founder does the right thing, they deserve to be acknowledged. Bravo John of GetLeadForms!!!!