White Label LeadForm Builder

Get More Leads for Your Clients and Grow Your Agency.

Build better forms for your clients. Get your clients more (and better) leads. And grow your agency with our white label Lead Form Builder.

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Your own custom branded dashboard

With White Labeling you can resell LeadForms direct to clients or bundle LeadForms into your service as a value-add. Get your very own custom branded dashboard that’s setup on your own domain. Our White Label LeadForm Builder is perfect for marketers with clients, for agencies, and for website developers.

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Build Better Forms That Clients ❤️

Clients love forms built with GetLeadForms because compared to ordinary forms, LeadForms are more engaging, better looking, convert higher, and produce more qualified inbound leads. The best part? You can white label the entire platform under your own domain and branding, so you get all of the credit.

Get better leads for clients 👍

GetLeadForms makes it ridiculously easy to build LeadForms that ask more questions, without sacrificing conversions. This means that you can finally get better data about your client’s inbound leads, so you’ll never have to hear your client say, “the leads aren’t good enough!”

Engage More Website Visitors 👋 and Turn More Clicks Into Leads

In addition to timed pop-ups and exit-intent technology, GetLeadForms also offers an onsite widget that can be added to the right or left hand corner of your client’s website. When clicked, this widget opens up the LeadForm. Simply add the LeadForm widget to your client’s entire site, and watch even more conversions roll in.

We had tested some chat apps and weren’t impressed with the conversions it was bringing in. Someone recommended LeadForms so we gave it a try and I’m glad we did!

— HeyRemodeling

Get leads to your clients instantly, so they can close deals fast 🏁

Nothing kills potential deals faster than slow follow-up. Whenever a new lead is generated, GetLeadForms will send a white-labeled lead notification to your clients through SMS and/or email — this way your client can turn more of the leads that you’re sending them into revenue.

Easily build forms with your white-labeled Lead Form editor, no tech skills needed 🔨

The LeadForm Builder streamlines the development of your forms to help you rapidly build and replicate high converting lead forms on the fly. With white-labeling, you can add your entire team, create sub accounts, and even bring your clients into LeadForms.

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Full Customization

Our powerful form builder gives you the ability to customize all elements of your form. From adding background images and pictures to your forms, to changing button colors. You can do it all!

Easily Duplicate Forms

Need to create multiple forms across many of the same landing pages or clients? Save time by cloning your existing forms. Build it once, then modify as needed.

Add Your Team

With sub accounts you can easily add your team, so you can get help building forms. And with client accounts your can give your clients direct access to their forms.

Get detailed analytics for your clients 📈

With built-in form analytics, you’ll always know how your client’s LeadForm is performing and exactly where to optimize. See the drop-off rates by step, watch visitors go through the form in real-time, and get smarter insights — like where leads are coming from and what devices prospects are using. All of this data can be downloaded into a CSV and shared with the client in your weekly or monthly reporting.

Get even more leads for your clients with A/B testing 🧪

Easily create 50/50 split tests and experiment with every part of your client’s LeadForm, so you can continue to increase conversions even after you launch your form. And if you’re white-labeling, you can even use A/B testing to upsell your clients on conversion rate optimization services to increase revenue.

Easily Integrate GetLeadForms With Your Client’s Tech Stack

Connect GetLeadForms with your client’s website and landing pages (WordPress, Unbounce, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and more). Easily send leads from the form into your client’s CRM, email, and marketing automation tools. GetLeadForms provides multiple ways to get your leads into your systems — from direct integrations to web hooks and even Zapier!

How do I get started with white-labeling?

To get started with white-labeling, please click on the blue “Get More Info” button and we’ll get back to you with more information about how to get started.

Can the dashboard live on my own domain? I.e, https://forms.mydomain.com

Yes, we can easily setup the white label dashboard as a sub domain on your own domain. The dashboard can live on a domain like “yourcompany.getleadforms.com” or “forms.yourdomain.com” if you’d like to add us deeper into the backend.

Can I white-label the email notifications for leads?

Yes, you can white-label lead notifications so they come from an email address like leads@yourdomain.com — that’s just an example, you can get as creative as you’d like 🙂

Can I upload my own logo and adjust dashboard colors?

Yes! You have full control over the branding of your dashboard. This includes the ability to upload a custom logo and change the color of your white-labeled LeadForm builder to match your own branding.

Can I post leads into my own custom CRM and multiple systems via a web hook?

Of course. We have an advanced web hook system that makes it possible to post leads into almost any system, including multiple systems at the same time!

Can clients login to my dashboard?

Yes, when you setup your own domain you’ll also get a custom login page where your clients and your team can access your white-labeled dashboard.

Can I explore the tool and try it out myself first?

Of course! You can sign up for a free 14 day trial here: https://go.getleadforms.com/sign-up

Can I create LeadForms for clients without White labeling?

Yes 100%. If you do not wish to white label right now then we suggest signing your client up for a Solo Starter or Solo Plus plan. If you go in this direction, then we also recommend joining our affiliate/partner program so you can get paid for sending your clients our way. Here’s the link: https://getleadforms.com/affiliates/

Will you provide training and documentation for my team?

The GetLeadForms platform comes with self-serve documentation that we’re always adding to. In addition, we’ll provide additional training and support upon request at no additional charge.

I want to add LeadForms across hundreds to thousands of sites. Is this possible?

Of course. We have quite a few customers white-labeling LeadForms across 100’s – 1,000’s of domains. We’ve also come up with unique ways to automate deployment and design of large quantities of LeadForms. Please reach out to discuss options and custom high volume pricing.

You’re one LeadForm away from more (and better) leads.