Upgrade Your Forms and Boost Your Leads.

RocketForms allows you to replace your website’s ordinary forms with smarter, interactive forms that are built to engage, qualify, and convert more visitors into leads.

Ordinary Forms vs RocketForms

Ordinary lead forms are boring, clunky, and overwhelming at first glance. RocketForms are different. They are simple, interactive forms built to reduce friction and drive more conversions.

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Ordinary Forms

Limited to One Step

Not Personalized

Low Conversion Rates

Limited Data

Clunky & Hard to Use

Not Built to Convert

Missing or Delayed Lead Notifications

Hard to Setup & Change

Looks Bad on Your Site

Ordinary Form
Ordinary Form


Interactive / Multi Step Forms

Personal / People-friendly

+20% Conversion Lift

Pre-qualify & Get Better Data About Leads

Easy to Use

Built With CRO Best Practices

Instant Lead Notifications

Easy to Setup & Change

Looks Great on Your Site

When it comes to turning visitors into leads, forms are often the biggest leak in your funnel. This is because most forms aren’t designed with the website visitor in mind.

The solution — simple, interactive forms that engage and convert visitors into data rich leads, also known as Multi Step Forms. These forms are proven to boost website leads, without sacrificing conversions. But while multi-step forms are all the rage today, they’re actually quite hard to create.

That’s why we built RocketForms — now you can experience the power of high converting interactive forms without needing to rely on a team of techies to build these powerful forms for you. We added dozens of conversion boosting elements into RocketForms to help you finally get more out of the traffic that you’re already getting.

Capture More Leads With Smart, Interactive Forms

Around 97% of your visitors will leave your site without taking any action. With RocketForms, you can now add high converting multi-step forms that pop-up and engage your visitors before they leave your site.

Qualify Visitors and Get the Data You Need

Forget reducing the number of fields on your form. If you run a service business, then you need to pre-qualify leads before you contact them. That’s why only a name and email just won’t do.

Since RocketForms are interactive, you can finally ask more questions without sacrificing conversions. This way you can ensure that your sales team is spending time with your best leads.

interactive forms pre-qualifies leads

Receive Leads Right On Your Phone. Follow-up From Anywhere!

If you wait just five minutes to respond to an inbound inquiry, you are 10 times more likely to lose that lead forever.

That’s where RocketForms can help. The moment that someone submits your RocketForm, you’ll receive instant notifications to your email and/or your phone (as a text message).

You can even push leads straight into your CRM or email service so you can automate that first touch point to let the prospect know that you’ll be reaching out shortly.


It’s So Easy to Setup Your First RocketForm

Choose a Template and Make It Your Own

Creating high converting multi step forms isn’t easy. That’s why we built a simple way to do it, without requiring you to touch any code.

When you sign up for RocketForms, you get instant access to our library of templates. There are templates available for almost every industry, and we are always adding more to our collection.

The best part — if you run into any issue along the way, or simply don’t have the time to do the setup, then we’ll setup your first few RocketForms for you free of charge!

form templates

Customize Your Form to Match Your Website

Our real-time form builder makes it easy to build high converting RocketForms on the fly. You can edit almost every element with your form. From button colors and font sizes to form type (pop-up or embedded).

Customize your form to match your site and see the changes in real-time. Preview your form, then share it with your clients, your team, or your pets 🙂

form builder

Works with the following platforms (plus many others, including custom built sites)






What else can you do with RocketForms?

RocketForms come loaded with all of the features that you need to engage, qualify, and convert more of your website traffic into leads. Here’s just a short list of additional features that we haven’t mentioned yet:

Optimize With A/B Testing


Get Better Data With Conditional Logic


Integrate With Any Website


Get Insights With Analytics


Protect Your Forms With ReCaptcha


Flexible Control Over All Settings


Access Leads in Your Dashboard


Convert More With Social Proof


And so much more!


Popular Templates

Want to see a RocketForm in action? Click on one of the templates below to see an example for yourself!

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