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Introducing high converting, people-friendly lead forms for lawyers. Turn more website visitors into qualified cases and grow your legal business.

Your forms are costing you cases…

You spend a ton of time and money driving people to your website. But what often separates your traffic from becoming a valuable list of leads is just a form. When it comes to the form, we typically settle for whatever form comes out of the box from our CRM system. The key to getting more legal cases, is to get more people to fill out your forms. The way you do that is through using highly optimized, people-friendly forms like RocketForms.

Smart, people-friendly forms to the rescue.

Turn more visitors into leads with smart, interactive forms that work for you, not against you. RocketForms asks one question at a time — like a conversation, to keep your audience engaged. You get more responses, and higher completion rates.

Get more leads from any page of your site.

Use the RocketForms Onsite Message feature across all of your pages to skyrocket page conversion rates. We highly suggest using this on your blog and other none-conversion focused pages. The onsite message is a friendly welcome message that lives in the bottom right or left hand side of the screen. When clicked, your form will open on the visitor’s screen.

In addition to the onsite message, RocketForms can also pop-up and engage visitors BEFORE they leave your site with timed pop-up and exit intent technology built-in.

Click on the onsite message in the bottom right hand corner

Get better data about your legal leads.

Forget reducing the number of fields on your form. If you run a legal business, then you need to pre-qualify leads before you contact them. RocketForms makes it easy to create longer forms, that people actually enjoy answering.

Get better data by breaking your questions into multiple steps

Super easy setup with templates & free setup assistance.

Get started with one of our legal templates that’s already built for you. Simply choose a legal template and make it your own. Short on time? We even offer FREE setup assistance! Just shoot us an email and we’ll get your RocketForm up and running in a snap 🙂

Our Free Template Library. We’re Always adding more!

Connect with your CRM or email system

Sync responses to Google Sheets. Add new contacts to your CRM with all responses. Send out automated follow-up. Sit back and watch your legal leads turn into qualified cases. RocketForms works on ANY site including WordPress, WIX, Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, ClickFunnels, and more!

Get more (and better) legal leads with RocketForms.


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Ordinary Lawyer Forms vs RocketForms

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Ordinary Forms

Limited to One Step

Not Personalized

Low Conversion Rates

Limited Data

Clunky & Hard to Use

Not Built to Convert

Missing or Delayed Lead Notifications

Hard to Setup & Change

Looks Bad on Your Site

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Interactive / Multi Step Forms

Personal / People-friendly

+20% Conversion Lift

Pre-qualify & Get Better Data About Leads

Easy to Use

Built With CRO Best Practices

Instant Lead Notifications

Easy to Setup & Change

Looks Great on Your Site

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