Form Analytics

Measure drop-off rates & convert more visitors with powerful form analytics

Use our built-in real-time analytics software to reveal hidden insights that will allow you to make better decisions about your forms faster. Optimize your forms. Increase conversions. Get more leads.

form analytics

Real Time Analytics

Watch visitors go through your forms in real-time and see how long it takes to complete each step

Detailed Reports

Gain insights into device type, locations, and UTMs — so you can make smarter decisions

Export Your Data

Export to CSV to connect with your other marketing data and share with clients

See The Conversion Rate of Every Step of Your Form

With Step-Based Analytics, you can increase conversions by drilling down into any step of your form to see which steps are working for you, and which steps you need to optimize.

step based metrics

Watch visitors complete your form in real-time

LeadForms is the only lead form software that gives you insights into exactly what your prospects are doing as they go through your forms, in real time. See every action a prospect takes and gain conversion boosting insights to take your forms to the next level.

See Detailed Reports

With detailed reports you can answer questions like: “What devices do my leads use?”, “Where do my leads come from?”, “What channels are working best for me?” and so much more!

source report

A/B Test to Increase Conversions

Combine real-time analytics and step-based metrics with our A/B testing tools to maximize conversions and get more leads.

a/b test

Can I export my analytics data to a spreadsheet or CSV file?

Yes, you can export all of your LeadForm analytics data into a CSV. This is useful if you’re looking to combine your form data to other data or to share it with a client.

Can I see what devices my leads are coming in from?

Of course! Our Device Report will provide you with insights into what devices your prospects are using.

Can I track UTMs?

Yes! We have a report just for tracking UTMs.

What does this feature cost?

Our Form Analytics feature is included in every plan at no additional cost.

You’re one RocketForm away from more (and better) leads!