The Weekly Lead #02: Unlocking AI’s Potential, Google’s Insights on Page Experience, and More Backend Optimizations

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Digital Marketing Tip of the Week: AI Is Taking Over, Here’s How to Actually Get Results with ChatGPT 🤖

6 years ago, I had the idea to write a blog post using AI, even before AI became popular.

I searched online and found a random site affiliated with IBM. It generated a decent blog post, but I wasn’t comfortable using it.

However, I realized that AI had enormous potential.

Fast forward to today, AI is a major trend in the marketing community, with mixed reactions from people.

I have to admit, Initially, I was hesitant about this whole ChatGPT thing, but embracing it has been a game-changer for me.

Here’s the thing: success with AI boils down to one key thing.

Right now, you can’t use AI to fully replace yourself (or a contractor).

For example, attempting to write an entire blog post with ChatGPT from start to finish is not a great use of AI at the moment.

Remember —AI is still in its early stages.

The key to achieving success with AI is to shift from a mindset of replacing yourself to augmenting your skill.

I have utilized AI for ideation, proofreading, lead magnet creation, and even coding calculators and free tools.

In fact, I’ve even started using ChatGPT with GetLeadForms. When I struggle to phrase a question or response in a LeadForm, I turn to ChatGPT for generating ideas. We are even planning to integrate ChatGPT directly into GetLeadForms, making it easy to generate copy with a single click.

The main thing to note is that I’m able to tap into the power of AI because I understand that right now, I can’t fully replace everything that I do with ChatGPT. Instead, AI is like my sidekick that’s helping me out as I go. That’s the key mindset shift that more people need to have.

Moving on…

Top Digital Marketing News Story of the Week: Google Removes Several Search Ranking Systems Related to Page Experience 🗞

Google has removed several page experience-related ranking systems from its documented ranking systems page. This includes the removal of the page experience system, mobile-friendly system, page speed system, and secure site system.

They’ve stated that the page experience update was a concept and not a separate ranking system. These changes suggest that page experience, speed, and mobile friendliness may have had little impact on rankings. While important for user experience, these factors may be less crucial for SEO and ranking purposes.

My Take:

This news has caused some debate in the marketing community, with some misinterpreting its implications.

Regardless of whether page experience directly affects rankings, it remains essential to focus on it.

Here’s why:

Page experience influences more than just a website’s ability to rank; it affects conversion rates as well.

It’s still a bad idea to send traffic to a page that isn’t secured with SSL. Seriously, don’t do it.

It’s still a good idea to ensure that your pages actually load fast.

I personally believe that this news is not significant and I could care less what Google says about this situation. Improving page experience still plays a key role because improving technical aspects ultimately improves overall website performance. So, the importance of technical SEO and page experience should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to conversion.

And if you’re working with a client and they bring this up in your next audit, make sure to remind them that, we’re marketing to humans who care about page experience, not Google.

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Insider scoop on GetLeadForms’ latest product updates, interesting use cases and what’s on the horizon 🌅

In case you missed last week’s edition of The Weekly Lead, we’ve been heads down, focusing on making improvements to the speed of our Lead Form builder and upgrades to our analytics system.

These improvements include:

1. Migrating and optimizing our database/servers

2. Refactoring code and streamlining API calls that are slow

While we’re not quite finished yet, we’ve already noticed significant improvements in speed, and our development team continues to work day and night to finish this round of updates.

Admittedly, these infrastructure updates may not be the most glamorous, but they are critical for preparing us to scale more. By focusing on establishing a more robust foundation, we’ll not only be better equipped to support a growing user base, but we’ll also enhance your leadform-building experience by making it quicker and more seamless.

We’re pushing out some updates later today!

By the way, if you’re currently struggling to get started, simply reply to this email and we’ll get Kaitlyn from our team to help you out!

And as a reminder, if you’re interested in receiving some more actionable tips, then please PLEASE check out the WMXtra Digital Marketing Newsletter. The team over at WMX is one of the best to learn from. Check it out here.

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