The Weekly Lead #01: Content Upgrades, Google Updates, & Backend Optimizations

The weekly lead 01

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Lead — A weekly newsletter designed to propel your business growth and elevate your lead gen game, while also sharing my journey of building GetLeadForms and insights from generating over 1 million leads. In each edition you’ll get:

  1. A marketing insight to help you drive more traffic and conversions 
  2. The leading news story of the week in the digital marketing world
  3. Latest must-know content from the GetLeadForms blog to keep you in the loop 
  4. Insider scoop on GetLeadForms’ latest product updates, interesting use cases and what’s on the horizon 

Ready? Let’s go!

Digital Marketing Tip of the Week: Leverage Content Upgrades for Lead Capture

Content upgrades can be a powerful strategy to capture and generate more leads. By offering additional, valuable content related to a specific blog post or piece of content, you can encourage users to share their contact information in exchange for this bonus material. Here’s how to make the most of content upgrades:

– Identify high-performing content: Analyze your website analytics to identify the most popular and engaging blog posts or articles. These are ideal candidates for content upgrades.

– Create relevant, valuable upgrades: Develop additional content that complements the original piece, such as a checklist, eBook, template, or case study. Ensure it offers real value to your audience.

– Promote your content upgrades: Add clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons or forms within your content to promote your content upgrades. Encourage users to sign up for your email list or share their contact information to access the bonus material.

My Take:

Content upgrades are the secret weapon in my bag of tricks. By offering targeted, high-value bonus materials that complement your existing content, you can quickly increase leads. And this is a great way that multi-step forms can help. For example, I would suggest deploying a two-step form. Step 1: ask for their email in exchange for the contact details and step 2 ask a qualifying question, which you then pass into your CRM.

Top Digital Marketing News Story of the Week: Google Releases April 2023 Core Update

Google has rolled out its April 2023 Reviews Update, which primarily focuses on improving the quality and relevance of local business reviews. This update impacts local SEO by prioritizing high-quality, authentic, and diverse reviews to provide users with more accurate and useful information about local businesses. To adapt to these changes, businesses should encourage customers to leave genuine reviews, respond to reviews promptly, and address any feedback or concerns.

My Take:

I have quite a few thoughts on this. But to keep it short here are two:

1. Focus on review quality: The April 2023 Reviews Update prioritizes high-quality, authentic, and diverse reviews. Businesses should encourage customers to leave genuine, detailed reviews that accurately reflect their experiences.

2. Importance of review diversity: The update rewards businesses with a diverse range of reviews, including reviews from different users, platforms, and perspectives. Encourage customers from various backgrounds and demographics to share their experiences.

Latest must-know content from the GetLeadForms blog to keep you in the loop 

– 9 Landing Page Form Teardowns (Mistakes to Avoid): https://getleadforms.com/blog/landing-page-forms

– The Perfect Pay Per Lead Marketing Tech Stack (14 Essential Tools): https://getleadforms.com/blog/pay-per-lead-marketing/

– No-Fluff Advice: How to Build a Lead Generation Website That Converts: https://getleadforms.com/blog/how-to-build-a-lead-generation-website/

Insider scoop on GetLeadForms’ latest product updates, interesting use cases and what’s on the horizon 

Over the past few months, we’ve been heads down and diligently working on substantial improvements to GetLeadForms. I’m excited to share our progress and current focus with you today.

For context, between September and December, we experienced decent growth. While this growth was fantastic, it did strain our systems, causing the form builder to slow down somewhat. We received an abundance of feedback around this, which we took very seriously—so seriously, in fact, that we invested all of our focus into two major enhancements:

1. Migrating and optimizing our database/servers

2. Refactoring code and streamlining API calls that are slow

While we’re not quite finished yet, we’ve already noticed significant improvements in speed, and our development team continues to work day and night to finish this round of updates.

Admittedly, these infrastructure updates may not be the most glamorous, but they are critical for preparing us to scale more. By focusing on establishing a more robust foundation, we’ll not only be better equipped to support a growing user base, but we’ll also enhance your leadform-building experience by making it quicker and more seamless.

What comes after the infrastructure update?

Well, that’s when we shift our focus back to the fun stuff. New features and UX improvements. But more on that in a future edition.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the Weekly Lead! Stay tuned for more digital marketing tips and new updates next week.

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