Show up

I’m writing today’s Weekly Lead Newsletter in a cold dark room from my
phone with a newborn baby on my lap with an important message to share.

Just show up.

It’s 5am.

I’m exhausted from weeks of early morning feedings, diaper changing, 60+
hour work week…

And today all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and go back
to sleep.

Imagine if I did that with a baby that needs to be fed.

Imagine if I didn’t show up to feed her.

That’s not an option.

This brings me to the point.

Showing up is key. And this is the same mentality I’ve had for the last
four plus years while building GetLeadForms.

When we didn’t even have a frontend UI… I showed up.

When times were hard and I had no users, I just showed up.

When tech stuff started breaking left and right and my now former dev team
wasn’t performing well, I just showed up anyway and completely turned
things around.

When ad accounts were banned, I showed up anyway.

When I lost rankings in Google, I showed up and fixed it.

When competitors copied me and threatened me, I showed up harder.

Yes, one actually did threaten me. They are out of business now. I’m not.


Because I showed up.

So what does this have to do with leads?


Not getting enough leads? Show up to where your prospect hang out.

Website not converting? Show up and fix it.

Not good enough at marketing or lead gen? Good. Show up anyway. You’ll get

Not turning your leads into deals? Show up in your follow-up.

Show up
Show up
And don’t stop showing up.

Now if you’re a GetLeadForms customer (or thinking about it), there’s one
thing I can promise you. It’s that I’ll always continue to show up for this
platform and for my customers. Rain or shine, bad times or good. That’s my
promise to you.

John Francis
Founder of GetLeadForms

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