Pop Quiz: How Can This Plumbing Company Increase Leads?

What’s one thing that this plumbing company can do to their landing page to increase leads?

Here’s the landing page:

plumbing leads
The Answer:

Just looking at this page you might be noticing things like:

– A ton of content – which is probably there for SEO reasons so I wouldn’t touch that right now
– All caps font that’s pretty hard on the eyes
A few layout and user experience issues

⚡️ But the #1 thing that pops out to me is a really big anxiety inducing form 😩 on the right hand side of the page.

Just look at that monster form 👹

It has 14 questions, asking everything from my name to my street address all right out of the gate.

This is a slight issue for 3 big reasons:

1) Most people are landing on this page for the first time and literally have no idea who this company is.

2) Our research shows that for every additional field that you add to a single step in your form, you can expect your overall form’s conversion rate to drop by (15%-33% depending upon the industry).

3) People don’t want to fill out long forms with tons of fields requiring personal information unless they are in need of quick assistance, which is only a small percentage of the market at any given time. In 2022, consumers have higher expectations on businesses than ever before.

Ultimately, this form is making the rest of the page have to work that much harder to convince the prospect to take the next step with the customer.

So what would I do?

Well, I’d simply turn this long monster form into an interactive multi step form.

Start with one simple, non-intrusive question like:

‘Are you ready to schedule your Plumbing Quote? (yes or no).


This is what we call a micro-commitment.

Then after that micro-commitment is made, ask the prospect one question at a time to keep the prospect fully engaged.

This one tweak could easily boost leads.

And even if it doesn’t, at least they are giving their prospects a better user experience at the beginning of their sales process.

To create a simple multi step form simply head on over to GetLeadForms

By the way, we’re pretty close to launching our phone verification feature to help make it easier than ever to ensure that you’re contacting people with real phone numbers. This is going to be game changing for improving lead quality.


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