Increase blog conversion rates with interactive call-to-actions

In this post, I’m going to show you a super easy way to increase the conversion rates of your blog posts and content using Interactive Call-to-Actions from GetLeadForms.

The problem that most marketers face when it comes to converting blog traffic into leads is that it can be quite difficult to drive conversions from content.

When it comes to content marketing, at a very simplistic level you need these three things to happen:

  1. Get your ideal prospect to your blog post (traffic)
  2. Have the prospect consume your content (consumption)
  3. Then have the prospect take the next step in your buyer journey (conversion)

Even if the prospect consumes the content, there’s no guarantee that they will take the next step in your funnel.


This is because content and blogs are designed to educate and build awareness, not convert. As a result, typically after someone consumes your blog post, they will leave your site all together.

And that’s why you see that the average conversion rate for a blog post is usually 1-2%.

So how can you increase the conversion rate of your blog posts?

Try adding interactive call-to-actions using a LeadForm within your content itself. Sort of like this:

blog CTA

The image above is an interactive CTA (LeadForm) created with GetLeadForms for a post about how to add a multi step form to an Unbounce landing page — you can see the example here.

We simply embedded a dedicated form right into the content to give readers a number of next steps, based on our funnel.

So as the reader is scrolling down they see a native CTA that’s encouraging them to take the next step with us

This form is embedded in the following areas on the blog post:

  • Top 1/3 of the post
  • Half way through
  • Bottom of the post

You can use this form to either help guide readers to the next step in your funnel or to generate more leads or demos.

To build an interactive form like this start your free trial of GetLeadForms.

To see an example, check out this post with an interactive CTA.

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