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AMA: Google Ads for Lead Gen with Andy Black, a 16-Year Veteran in Paid Search, Answers Your Questions

What happens after I submit my question? After you submit your question, we’ll compile it with other questions into a comprehensive post and send the answers your way.

About Andy Black: Andy has been doing Google Ads since 2009 for businesses spending over €120k/day all the way down to $5/day and less. 

He uses the consistent search intent from visitors to help businesses find out what ad copy/offer and landing page copy/offer resonates most. And even in 2024, he still uses keyword driven campaigns and not the black-box performance Max campaigns.

Personally, I’ve learned a ton from Andy around paid search over the years. He was the person who demystified paid search for me when I got my start. I went on to spend a ton for clients and my own campaigns in the SaaS and lead gen spaces. 

I have a ton of questions for him about what’s working right now, what he’s doing (and why), and I’m sure others do too!

Which is exactly why I’m putting together this AMA.

Learn more about Andy Black here.