Create your FREE agency partner account

Create your free account to become an agency partner. Clients get more (and better) leads. And you get paid for building better LeadForms for your clients.

Curious about how it works? Watch the video overview below:

Here’s what your FREE Agency Partner Account includes:

✅ 30% recurring commission for each client you add (plans range from $47/mo – $197/mo+)

✅ Official partner badge to show-off to your clients and prospects

✅ Free access and use of GetLeadForms on your agency website

✅ 1 domain, unlimited traffic, and unlimited leads

✅ Access to client forms and dashboard to manage clients

✅ All features you need to build conversational LeadForms, multi step forms, quiz funnels, and lead surveys for clients

✅ CRM and Email integrations via Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Webhooks, and more

✅ Free setup assistance and form design

✅ Documentation and training for team members

✅ Access to our white-label CRO service to help you generate even more revenue

✅ Dedicated Customer Success Manager and so much more!

Is my account really free?

Yes, if you’re an agency with clients or a freelancer who is planning to use GetLeadForms for clients, then your account is completely free and on us. There’s literally no strings attached. With your free account you can add a LeadForm to your very own agency site without limits and never pay us a dime.

Why is GetLeadForms free for agencies and freelancers? Is there a catch?

There’s absolutely no catch! With your agency account, you get full feature access and unlimited leads and traffic. The only limitation is the number of domains. Your free account will be restricted to just your agency domain. So why is this free? Well, our hope is that you’ll love GetLeadForms so much that you’ll start having your clients sign up. And by doing so, you’ll earn 30% recurring commission on every paid plan.

How much can I earn by adding clients?

You will get 30% recurring commission for every paying client that you add to GetLeadForms. Most clients will fall in the $47/mo – $97/mo range. In addition, we provide white-labeled services that you can upsell to your clients to increase earnings (for example, white label CRO). Agency partners are paid out monthly. This is a great way to add additional revenue to your agency!

How do I add clients and access their accounts?

We have a very simple process for adding clients to your account. You’ll simply submit a form and then we’ll take care of the rest. After your client is added, we’ll connect it to your account so you’ll easily be able to jump in and out of client accounts as needed.

Can I add clients under my account or do they need to create their own accounts?

We typically recommend that your clients sign up for their own individual account. This way, you can continue to get paid even if they churn from your service. However, if you’d like clients to be managed and billed under your agency account then that’s possible as well. You would simply let us know that you need to add multiple domains to your account and we’d come up with custom pricing.

Can I just fully white-label your platform under my agency?

Yes, this is possible as well. We offer full white-labeling of our platform at additional costs.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Have more questions? Simply reach out to john@getleadforms.com

Not an agency or freelancer using GetLeadForms for clients? Check out our pricing options here.