The Easiest Way to Capture More (And Better) Leads.

GetLeadForms gives you everything you need to build high converting lead forms that engage, qualify, and convert more website visitors into qualified leads.

⚡️ Add to your website, landing pages, and funnels!

Create lead forms that website visitors actually ENJOY answering.

Ditch boring lead gen forms for lead capture forms that are built for humans. LeadForms turns your forms into a conversation, asking one question at a time. This keeps your prospects engaged so you get more (and better) leads.

onsite message

Engage visitors from any page

Give site visitors a way to contact you in seconds to get a quote, no matter what page they are on. Instead of keeping your forms buried on some Contact Us page you can engage potential leads at any time, when it’s most convenient for them.

  • Customize the message with UTMs for higher engagement
  • Timed Popup, Exit Intent Technology, & More
  • Control behavior and frequency

Impress prospects with more authentic forms, get more leads

We reimagined forms so they are better, friendly, and more authentic. With a sleek and light-weight look, people will be compelled to entire their info and hit the submit button.

Additional Details

  • Show your image to build trust
  • Loaded with conversion boosting features
  • Customizable

Qualify visitors

Increase the quality of your inbound leads.

Ever want to ask more questions in your forms so you can actually follow-up smarter? Well, LeadForms makes it easy to ask the right questions in order to qualify your leads early on, so that you can follow-up with them while they’re still hot.

Receive instant lead notifications so you can close deals faster.

Receive instant lead notifications via email and/or SMS (text message) so you can continue the conversation with leads after they submit your form, from anywhere. Automate follow-up by sending leads into any CRM or email service with our integrations and web hooks.

Quickly & Easily Build Lead Forms On The Fly

The LeadForm editor allows you to create all types of LeadForms — multi step forms, surveys, funnels, quizzes, and more. No need to ever touch any code, unless you’d like to of course 🙂

form builder

Full Customization

Our powerful form builder gives you the ability to customize all elements of your form. From adding background images and pictures to your forms, to changing button colors. You can do it all!

Easily Duplicate Forms

Need to create multiple forms across many of the same landing pages or clients? Save time by cloning your existing forms. Build it once, then modify as needed.

No Code, Low Code

With LeadForms you should NEVER have to touch any code to build the same type of powerful forms as the big guns. But if you want access to the code, it’s all there!

step based metrics

See which questions are causing the biggest drop-off to reduce form abandonment.

With step-based metrics, you can drill down to any step of your form to see which steps are working for you, and which steps are working against you. See metrics like: sessions, step conversion rate, and average duration time. This game changing feature tells you exactly where to optimize your forms, so you can boost form conversion rates.

form analytics

Watch people complete your form in real-time.

LeadForms is the only interactive form builder with real-time analytics, so you can actually see how people engage with your form, every step of the way.

Setup split tests to increase conversions.

To help you turn traffic into maximum leads or sales, LeadForms allows you to set up a true A/B split-test to see which version of your form performs better.

You can split test just about anything you want: form design, pop-up frequency, form styles, copy, and more!

Plays Nicely With Your Tech Stack

Connect LeadForms with your favorite platforms. Easily send leads from your lead form into your CRM, email, and marketing automation tools. LeadForms provides multiple ways to get your leads into your systems — from direct integrations to web hooks and even Zapier!

Ordinary Forms VS LeadForms

Experience the difference.

You’re one LeadForm away from more (and better) leads.