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You Need a LeadForm.

GetLeadForms is lead capture software that helps you engage, qualify, and convert more of your website traffic into leads.

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GetLeadForms Works For Every Type of Business That Needs Leads:

Home Service Businesses • Agencies • Marketers • Loan Officers & Real Estate Agents • Insurance • Solar •  Pest Control • Moving • Lawn Care •  Legal •  Remodeling •  Contractors • Cleaning Services • Affiliates • Restoration  Services • Web Developers • Marketing, • SaaS • Coaches •  Auto Dealers • Personal Injury • Consultants • Personal Trainers • Pay-Per-Lead Marketers • Business Owners • And Many More!

High Converting Lead Form Templates


No-Code Lead Form Builder

Works On Any Site, Landing Page, Or Funnel


Send Leads To Your CRM & Email Tools


Real-Time Lead Verification


Instant Lead Notifications 

So, What Is A LeadForm?

Most websites and landing pages struggle to convert visitors into a consistent flow of leads. And getting qualified leads? Even harder. 

That’s Where A “LeadForm” Comes In.

A LeadForm isn’t just any generic form. It’s like your very own lead capture machine that you can simply drop into any website or landing page to engage, qualify, capture, and route more leads your way — without you having to hope and pray that someone finds your contact us page somewhere.

It’s like the same lead capture tech that the big guns like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Zillow, and Angie use to generate a consistent flow of leads.

same tech used as

Your LeadForm Is Key To Your Website And Landing Page’s Success

It’s the difference between the millions of websites and landing pages that fail to produce a steady stream of qualified leads that turn into sales, and the 1% of those that do.

When Using Ordinary Forms

Inconsistent lead flow

❌ No Trust

Unverified leads

❌ Low conversion rates

❌ No data or analytics

Forms are hard to find

Compliance issues (TCPA, GDPR, etc)

Ordinary Form
Ordinary Form

When Using a LeadForm 

Steady stream of leads

✅ Trustworthy, people-friendly

Verified leads

✅ High conversion rates

✅ Deep Analytics

✅ Easy to find

Easy to stay compliant 

No Credit Card Needed to Get Started • Cancel Anytime

GetLeadForms has been a real game changer for our marketing agency by giving us the control we need to update our forms in real time without a developer or specialized staff member to manage them. The integrations alone are such a time saver by having everything you could possibly need to be compliant and run an effective marketing campaign under one platform that is super affordable.”

Michael Taylor, Injury Case Claims

The Two Ways Of Using GetLeadForms To Capture More (And Better) Leads

#1: Add a LeadForm to…

Your Website

Increase leads across your entire website,  by adding a custom branded LeadForm across all your key pages. Proven to increase website leads by +15% 🚀

#2: Embed a LeadForm into your…

Landing Pages & Funnels

Send traffic to landing pages and funnels with a lead form embedded into it. Make offers and use your lead form to qualify, capture, and route your leads to clients, sales, or lead buyers.

Integrates With All Major Landing Page Builders Including: Unbounce, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, GoHighLevel, WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Instapage, Custom Sites And Many More!

Let show you some of GetLeadForms’ key features (many, you won’t find anywhere else!)

Everything You Need To Consistently Capture Qualified Leads From Any Website, Landing Page, or Funnel

GetLeadForms Has...

No Code LeadForm Builder

for lead buyers

GetLeadForms Has...

Multi Step Forms, Lead Quizzes, & Surveys

multi step forms

GetLeadForms Has...

Proven Templates That Convert

form templates

GetLeadForms Has...

People-Friendly Forms That Build Trust

people friendly forms

GetLeadForms Has...

Real-Time Lead Verification

otp verification code

GetLeadForms Has...

Features To Help You Stay Compliant

tcpa and opt-in compliance

GetLeadForms Has...

Built-in Social Proof To Help You Capture More Leads

GetLeadForms Has...

Exit Intent, Timed Popups, & Embedded Forms

popup or embedded lead forms

GetLeadForms Has...

OnSite Messages™ To Help You Capture Even More Leads

GetLeadForms Has...

Deep Analytics to See Where Leads Are Getting Stuck In Your Forms

step based metrics

GetLeadForms Has...

Fastest Load Times

fast loading lead forms

GetLeadForms Has...

Lead Notifications Through Email & SMS

lead notifications

GetLeadForms Has...

Lead Storage

GetLeadForms Has...

Dozens of Other Features To Help You Capture More Leads

build your email list

GetLeadForms Has...

Integrations & Webhooks

integrates with

Ready for more (and better) leads?

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What Other Marketers & Businesses Have To Say About GetLeadForms

David T, GoPipelineDigital
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I'm an agency owner entering the affiliate / high-volume lead world and I signed up for 7 or more softwares to do quiz landers and NOBODY gets it. This is the first tool I've seen that GETS it
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Great-looking forms, easy to use and short learning curve, lots of videos, helpful and responsive team, what else can you ask for.
Read More
INCREDIBLE attention to customers and care for the product and service rendered. Well worth the investment IMO. I know I did the right investment, not just in the service...sure, its great...but more importantly in JOHN. Invest in people before product. He's a dude that cares about GetLeadForms and about his customers
Read More
I love that it just works! Anything that brings in more leads for our clients means it’s a homerun in our minds.The UX of the backend is very easy to use plus support is AMAZING! I’m also very much into design and the widget looks good on sites. It has that chat style look but it’s a multi-step form which is awesome.
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Support is awesome and the product is really great. Some work needs to be added as far as integration with pabbly and adding more forms but it's a toolbox for anyone trying to get customers online or onboarding.
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I have to say that just the onboarding process has left me knowing this is a very well thought through piece of software. The introductory video and documentation is super clear and easy to understand - i Wait to see the simple way they've handled conditional logic for instance, along with a few brilliant additions for lead form promotion like a global floating chat window for your website that takes your customer straight to the form. The founder John clearly knows what he's doing and his marketing background shows its value in every facet of GetLeadForms, including reminding you that you're solving a problem for your customer and helping you identify their pain points right in the form. Just had to give kudos to this product in my experience so far. Now on to having some fun with forms.
Karl F
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BTW - I absolutely love the product. You crushed it! Let me know how I can support you! I appreciate the fast service too
James T.
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I've tried countless form layouts and designs, GetLeadForms converts the best.

Frequently Asked Questions


Unlike standard forms that are often simplistic and not optimized for conversion, LeadForms from GetLeadForms are enhanced with numerous conversion-boosting elements, seamless integrations, and customizable design options. This makes them not just an alternative, but a superior addition to your lead generation toolkit. It’s not about replacing your existing forms; it’s about augmenting your site’s lead generation capability with a more powerful tool.

It sure can be! But it’s important to not that it’s not about replacing your existing forms; it’s about augmenting your site’s lead generation capability with a more powerful tool.

Once you get the hang of the GetLeadForms platform, whipping up a LeadForm can take less than 10 minutes. That’s a whole lot quicker and easier than hiring a developer to do something similar. Plus, it’s way lighter on your wallet – we’re talking 50 times cheaper. And the cherry on top? When you nail a form design you love, just hit ‘Duplicate’ to make more in a snap. Easy peasy.


Chances are, absolutely! GetLeadForms plays nice with a whole bunch of platforms. Whether you’re using WordPress, Webflow, Unbounce, Instapage, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, GoHighLevel, Shopify, or even a custom-coded site, you’re all set. So, yeah, it’s pretty much ready to roll with whatever you’ve got!

No way! When you add a LeadForm to your site, our branding is nowhere to be seen. We’re all about helping you snag more and better leads, and slapping our logo on your form doesn’t help with that mission. So, it’s all you – no GetLeadForms branding in sight.

Absolutely! Capturing leads is just part of the game; making sure they flow into your CRM and auto-responder setup is key. With GetLeadForms, it’s a breeze to connect to pretty much any CRM or email service you’re using. Zapier, Pabbly Connect, or our very own Webhook are your go-tos for making that happen. Plus, we’ve got native integrations with big names like ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Leadspedia, and a bunch more. 

Totally! We take the security of your leads and forms super seriously. Everything’s locked down with advanced encryption, and we stash all our data on AWS, which is like Fort Knox for cloud storage. So, rest easy knowing your forms and leads are safe with us.

Absolutely! We’ve built our system on a robust infrastructure that’s designed to scale. Whether you’re expecting a trickle of leads or a full-on flood, our servers are ready to handle whatever you throw at them. Plus, for those of you dealing with huge volumes of leads, we’ve got something special. Just hit us up about our ability to create dedicated, siloed instances of our servers just for you. So go ahead, drive all the traffic you want—our tech’s got your back, and then some!

You do, 100%! We’re just here to help you catch those leads; we don’t claim any ownership over them. Want to wipe the leads from our servers? You can do that anytime, or just ask us to handle it for you. And we’d never dream of selling your leads—that’s just not how we roll.

If you’re extra keen on keeping your data super private, check out our Lead Bypass feature. It lets you capture the lead and zip it straight to your CRM, bypassing our servers completely, so it never hangs out in our dashboard. Your leads, your rules.

We’re always on the move with GetLeadForms, constantly rolling out new features and polishing up the product based on what you tell us. Our team has been at it for years, and we’re not hitting the brakes anytime soon. Expect updates to land weekly or bi-weekly—we’re committed to making sure GetLeadForms is the best it can be.

Our home base is in the USA, right outside of Philadelphia, PA. But we’re not just a one-spot operation—our team is spread out globally. This setup lets us bring in brilliant minds from all over the planet to keep GetLeadForms at the top of its game.

No stress—help’s always at hand! Got a question or hit a snag? Shoot over a support ticket and a real, live person will get back to you with the assist. And if you’re the DIY type, our help center is stacked with guides, FAQs, and all sorts of goodies to get you rolling again. Plus, our YouTube channel’s brimming with tutorials and tips. Looking to be hands off? Ask about our managed service option. We’ve got all the bases covered to make sure you’re never stuck.

Ready for more (and better) leads?

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