Build Better Lead Forms That Turn Visitors Into Qualified Leads

GetLeadForms makes it easier to qualify, convert, and route leads from any website or landing page. No coding needed.

Works with major website and landing page builders: WordPress, Unbounce, Leadspages, GoHighLevel, Webflow, custom built sites, and hundreds more.
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What makes GetLeadForms different than generic form builders? 🤔

Ordinary Forms vs GetLeadForms

Ditch boring, ordinary forms for LeadForms that are built to engage, qualify, and convert. Drag the slider below to see the difference.

Forms built with generic form builders:

❌ Not built for marketing

❌ Ugly, clunky, hard to use

❌ Low conversion rates

❌ No data or analytics

❌ Requires dev work

❌ Lacks useful features needed by marketers & businesses

Ordinary Form
Ordinary Form

Lead Forms built with GetLeadForms:

✅ Built for marketers

✅ People-friendly, easy to use

✅ High conversion rate

✅ Deep analytics

✅ No dev work needed

✅ Includes useful features like built-in time social proof & phone verification

“GetLeadForms has been a real game changer for our marketing agency by giving us the control we need to update our forms in real time without a developer or specialized staff member to manage them. The integrations alone are such a time saver by having everything you could possibly need to be compliant and run an effective marketing campaign under one platform that is super affordable.”
Michael Taylor, Injury Case Claims

There Are Two Ways to Use GetLeadForms

From capturing more high intent leads to growing your email list, GetLeadForms has your back. Let's show you how GetLeadForms can help.

1. Qualify & Capture High Intent Leads

For Lead Generators, pay-per-lead marketers, agencies, and businesses eager to convert visitors into quality leads who are ready to learn more.

  • Capture more lead data without sacrificing conversion rates.
  • Effortlessly build dynamic surveys, quizzes, and forms to qualify leads.
  • Enhance contact, demo, and quote forms for a more engaging experience. 
qualify your leads

2. Grow Your Email List

For any marketer, coach, consultant, or business owner who needs to build an email list, but is frustrated with opt-in forms that just don’t cut it.
  • Easily build more personalized lead forms for newsletter opt-ins, lead magnets, and content upgrades.
  • Customize your forms to suit your brand and audience to increase your conversion rate.
  • Add strategic qualifying questions to get more insights and build a more engaged, targeted email list.
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What makes GLF so powerful? See for yourself 👀

We're on a mission build lead forms that DON'T SUCK.

This means obsessing over every detail — from fast load speed to people-friendly designs, and everything in between.

Interactive Multi-step Forms

Get More Data About Your Leads

Gone are the days of cutting fields in your forms. Now you can unlock more data about each lead. Our one-question-at-a-time approach ensures you get the detailed info you need without scaring off your prospects. More insights, better leads, and higher conversion rates.

qualify leads
Conversion-focused Design

Convert More Visitors With People-Friendly Forms

Break the mold of the mundane with lead forms  designed with a human touch – approachable, user-friendly, and mindful that there’s a real person on the other side of the screen.

  • Modern Chat-Style Forms: Give your forms a contemporary, personal touch.
  • Fully Customizable: Tailor your lead forms to perfectly match your brand and specific needs.
  • Conversational: Make forms more like a friendly conversation.
people friendly forms
Lightning Fast Load Speed

Keep Website Visitors Engaged With Fast Loading Forms

A slow form means lost leads. That’s why we obsess over load times so you don’t have to. With GetLeadForms, you’ll get lightning-fast, embeddable forms for any site or page. This means faster forms and higher conversion rates.


fast loading lead forms
Embedded and Popup Lead Forms

Control of Your Form's Behavior

Embed your LeadForm or make it pop-up to to maximize engagement. 

  • Embeddable Lead Forms
  • Timed Pop-ups
  • Exit-Intent Pop-Ups
  • Click-Triggered Pop-Ups

⚡️ Plus, use the unique onsite message feature to engage visitors from any page to instantly boost leads.

popup or embedded lead forms
Step-Based Metrics & Analytics

X-Ray Vision into Your Form's Performance

Ever wondered where you’re losing leads in your multi-step forms and lead quizzes? With GetLeadForms, wonder no more. We shine a light on the exact questions causing drop-offs, giving you the deeper insights you need to optimize effectively. 


step based metrics
Conversion Boosting Features

Form Built To Convert

GetLeadForms is packed with unique, conversion-focused features like personalization and built-in social proof, setting it apart from the generic form builders. And we’re always adding new, innovative features to hep you level-up your forms.

See How GLF Saves You Time Building and Optimizing Your LeadForms

Whether you're managing forms across multiple campaigns or clients, GetLeadForms makes it easier to build, launch, and optimize your lead forms in minutes, instead of days.

Add Your LeadForm to Your Landing Page & Send Leads to Your CRM

Connect your LeadForms with your email services and CRMs for follow-up. GetLeadForms Integrates with Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Leadspedia, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, and more. It also works across all major website builders and landing page platforms like WordPress, Clickfunnels, Unbounce, GoHighLevel, Leadpages, and the list goes on.

🔨 Built by marketers, for marketers & small business owners in mind

Marketers ❤️ GetLeadForms

Andy Black
Andy BlackDigital Insight
Read More
We've been using Leadforms on landing pages for our Google Ads clients and there's been a noticeable increase in conversions. Not only that, each enquiry/lead has more data attached than a straight "Contact Us" form fill. This is proving very insightful for our clients
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We had tested some chat apps and weren’t impressed with the conversions it was bringing in. Someone recommended LeadForms so we gave it a try and I’m glad we did! Anything that brings in more leads for our clients means it’s a homerun in our minds. The UX of the backend is very easy to use plus support is AMAZING! I’m also very much into design and the widget looks good on sites. It has that chat style look but it’s a multi-step form which is awesome.
John Porrini
John PorriniB2B Growth Marketer
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Before using GetLeadForms I struggled to get qualified leads. After switching to GetLedForms the difference in lead quality was night and day. I was able to send better leads to sales and make them look smarter in the process!

You're one LeadForm away from more and better leads.

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