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👋 Hey there! Check Out Leadforms On Product Hunt 

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Turn More Website Visitors Into Leads

Add high converting multi-step forms to ANY page & instantly increase leads — no coding required.

What’s a Leadform?


A Leadform is a multi-step lead capture tool that helps you engage, qualify, and convert more of your website traffic into leads.

Whether you’re an SEO or PPC marketer, a small business owner, or work in-house — Leadforms will help you generate more leads, demo requests, and sales from the traffic that you’re already getting.


Interested in a “No Strings Attached” Test Drive?

Add Multi-Step Forms to Any Website 

No coding required!

Get the same powerful multi-step form technology that the big guns like HomeAdvisor use to generate qualified leads, without hiring a developer.

Easy Install

Add to any website with two little lines of code. If you can copy and paste, then you can add Leadforms to your site!

FREE Setup

We offer free onboarding and setup for every user, no matter the plan. Or, use our form builder to DIY.

Embed or Popup

Embed the Leadform or have it pop-up before visitors leave your website to drive more conversions.

Get Better Data About Your Leads

Your Leadform asks all the right questions in order to qualify leads early on, so that you can follow-up with them while they’re still hot.

Multi-step Forms

Increase conversion rates by making your forms less overwhelming & easier for visitors to interact with.

Get Better Data

Ask more questions on your forms without sacrificing conversions.

Follow-up Smarter

Better data about leads means better follow-up and more deals won.

Route Leads To Email, Text, or your CRM

After a lead is captured, your Leadform routes the lead to you or your sales team for faster follow-up. Get leads sent straight to your email and/or mobile phone so you can follow-up from anywhere!

SMS Notifications

Route leads straight to your phone, so you can follow-up from anywhere!

Email Notifications

Get notified by email so you can follow-up fast.

Auto Responders & CRM Integrations

Push leads directly into your email service or CRM so you can automate follow-up and track leads.

See Performance & Access Your Leads

See all of your Leadfroms across every URL, landing page, and client in your dashboard. Drill down into each Leadform to view all leads & see real-time performance overtime, so you can optimize your Leadforms.

Get Real-time Performance

Know how your Leadforms are performing across every webpage, and every client with a quick glance.  

Access Your Leads

Get instant access to all of your leads, at anytime and from anywhere — so you never have to worry about leads going missing. 

Easily Manage Forms

See all of your forms in one place, and know the status of each form so you can manage your forms across all pages and clients.

We Provide FREE Setup, So You Can Get Started NOW (Even If You’re Super Busy)

Free setup is included for every user, no matter the plan level. Why? Because after building 1,000’s of Leadforms, we’ve found that it’s easier for everyone if we do the heavy lifting (at least initially).

Here’s how our fast and easy setup process works:


See what Leadforms is all about!


Sign up for a FREE trial & kick the tires a bit


We'll reach out to kick-off the onboarding process


After you’re signed up we’ll kickstart the setup process!


We'll ask a few questions about your goals


Discuss strategy for how you want to use Leadforms


Then we'll start building your first Leadform for you!


Next, we’ll get to work and build your first Leadform for you!


We'll setup a draft Leadform based on your website


You provide quick feedback


Unlimited revisions — we won't launch your Leadform until you're 100% happy


When you’re happy, we’ll help you launch your Leadform!


When you're ready, you'll add Leadforms to your site


All it takes is adding one line of code to the to your website


If you can copy and paste, then you can do it!


Use built-in analytics and A/B testing  (coming soon) to optimize your forms


We stay by your side, even after the launch!


Get metrics in real-time so you know how your Leadforms are performing


Optimize your forms to get more leads


A/B test your Leadforms to increase conversions (coming soon!)

Don’t want us to help? Don’t worry! You’re free to setup and edit your Leadform yourself using our Leadform builder. In fact, many customers will have us do the initial setup then have their team make changes.

Need to deploy Leadforms across thousands of websites? We got you covered there too! From mass deployment capabilities to API access, we can instantly deploy Leadforms across thousands of websites.

The World’s Most Advanced Lead Capture Forms

Multi-step Forms

Break your form questions into multiple steps so you can increase lead quality, without sacrificing conversions.

Timed Popups

Engage with your website visitors at just the right time and from any page, with timed pop-ups.


Exit Intent Technology

Capture more leads from visitors who are leaving your website with advanced exit intent technology built-in.


Enable Leadforms to open with a button click. Great for a conversion focused landing page using a CTA.

SMS Notifications

Get leads delivered right to your mobile phone, so you can follow-up from ANYWHERE.

Email Notifications

Receive leads immediately through email, so you can follow-up fast. Notifications arrive on time, every time.

Custom Branding

Customize Leadforms to match the look and feel of your website for a truly seamless experience.

Real-Time Social Proof

Increase conversions with real-time social proof baked right into your forms.

Built-in Analytics

Know how your Leadforms are performing across all of your websites, with built-in analytics.

Custom Dashboards

Manage, monitor, and view all leadforms inside of your custom dashboard.

Conditional Logic

Increase leads by having Leadforms react to responses on the fly, with conditional logic.


URL Redirects

Redirect leads to a custom thank you page or deeper into your funnel with URL redirects.

Anti-spam Protection

Reduce spam and bot submissions with Google Invisible Recaptcha and honey pot technology built-in.


Display Rules & Behavior

Easily set where you want Leadforms to appear on your website and how you want Leadforms to behave.

Hidden Fields

Use hidden fields to grab important  parameters (like the gclid) from the landing page URL.

Live Chat Hand-off

Route your most qualified leads straight to live chat and follow-up from your phone, computer, or tablet.

Easy Setup

With the Leadforms Pixel, you simply copy and paste one line of code into your site. No coding required!

Mobile Friendly

Leadforms are optimized for mobile devices, so you can finally start turning more mobile visitors into leads.

See Some Examples

Multi-step Embed Form

Plumber Leadform

Mortgage Broker Leadform

Auto Dealer Leadform

Cleaning Service Leadform

Real Estate Leadform

Moving Company Leadform

Insurance Quote Leadform

Personal Trainer Leadform

Chiropractor Leadform

PPC Audit Leadform

SaaS Demo

Marketing Agency Leadform

Ready to get started? Or, want to see a customized demo for YOUR business? Choose an option below.

Featured Integrations

Leadforms integrates with dozens of email marketing services, CRMs, and website platforms. Save time and money with our integrations.


Push leads into Mailchimp from Leadforms & trigger follow-up campaigns.

Google Sheets

Shoot your leads right into Google sheets. Perfect if you’re sharing leads with clients.


Push leads into ActiveCampaign lists from Leadforms. Add leads to your CRM and send follow-up campaigns.

Google Analytics

Track conversions in Google Analytics, measure step drop-off rates, and optimize your forms. 

Wordpress Lead Capture Form

Capture more leads from any WordPress website with WordPress lead generation forms.

Unbounce Multi Step Forms

Finally! An easy way to create multi-step forms in Unbounce landing pages. 

Leadforms generates 1,000s of leads each week across dozens of industries.

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Web Designers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Plumbers
  • Contractors
  • Chiropractors 
  • Plastic Surgeons 
  • Remodeling
  • Painters
  • Cleaners
  • Landscapers
  • Roofers
  • Locksmiths
  • Auto Detailers
  • Car Dealers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Education 
  • Fitness Centers/Gyms
  • Sales
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Legal/Lawyers
  • Electricians 
  • Engineers
  • Dentists
  • Heating/AC
  • Windows
  • Ecommerce
  • And more!

You’re just one form away from more (and better) leads!