How Ignite Visibility uses LeadForms on their client’s landing pages to boost leads +200% higher than the industry average

About Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is an ROI driven digital marketing agency, rated by Clutch as the #1 search engine marketing company in the US, UK, and Canada. They are experts in the field of Paid Media, SEO, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Quick Facts

  • Customer Type: Marketing Agency
  • Client Industry: Legal
  • Channels: Paid Search, SEO, Paid Social, and Display
  • Landing Page Platform: Unbounce & WordPress


  • LeadForm Conversion Rate: 9.9%
  • Industry Average: 3.3% *
  • Percent increase compared to industry: +200%

*Industry average is based on Unbounce’s study of the average conversion rate per page

Why LeadForms?

When Ignite Visibility signed up for LeadForms, they had two objectives:

1) Replace their client’s existing form software with a more reliable solution: Ignite Visibility was experiencing issues with leads not posting, load times, and not being able to measure form drop-off. 

2) Pre-qualify leads using conversational forms on their Unbounce pages: While Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders around (and our favorite) they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to creating multi-step forms.

By switching to LeadForms Forms, they were able to achieve the objectives for their client. 

  • Performance increased
  • Leads successfully posted to client’s CRM 
  • And they were able to measure form drop-off at the step level by integrating LeadForms with Google Analytics and Data Studio.

As you’ll see from their implementation, LeadForms enables Ignite Visibility to go beyond just a basic form on their client’s landing page. This is because LeadForms:

  • Are more interactive than basic forms 
  • Guarantees increased engagement when using pop-up settings
  • Provides a better user-experience by breaking questions into multiple steps
  • And feel more personal by showing a friendly face right on the form

Ignite Visibility’s Implementation of LeadForms

Ignite Visibility, is using LeadForms on PPC landing pages across the following channels: Paid Search, and Display Advertising (paid social and native).

Important note: For privacy reasons, we have decided to keep Ignite Visibility’s client private. We’ve modified the landing page to remove their client’s branding and any mention of the client. 

Here’s an example of the LeadForms installed on one of their custom landing pages:

There are four possible ways that a visitor can interact with the form:

  1. By clicking “Check for Free”
  2. By clicking the welcome message in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Timed Pop-up 
  4. Exit Intent Pop-up (Used as a fall-back. If the visitor does not interact with the form, then an exit intent fallback will kick-in to make one last attempt to engage the visitor before they leave the page)

Between using exit popup, timed pop-up, and the on-site message in the bottom corner, the above settings almost guarantees an increase engagement with their forms. 

Now, here’s an example of one of their LeadForms in action:

IgniteVisibility is using our standard LeadForm. We offer a number of templates including: embedded forms, forms with custom backgrounds, and full screen options. This particular style is one of our favorites because it’s sleek, lightweight and proven to convert. 

The thing that we like about their implementation is its simplicity. The form starts by asking a simple question to engage the visitor, while the headline at the top reminds the prospect that they are requesting a free evaluation.

Custom CRM Integration & Features

When Ignite Visibility first got started with us, they were posting leads into their client’s CRM through Zapier. 

Knowing that reliability was important to Ignite Visibility, we built a custom integration directly into the client’s CRM. This allowed us to cut out Zapier and provide a more reliable method of posting leads from the LeadForm into their client’s CRM.

In addition to building a custom integration, we’ve also built a number of features upon request, ranging from Dynamic Step Replacement to posting to different lists based on conditional logic.

White Labeled Lead Notifications

In addition to sending leads straight into their client’s CRM, lead notifications are also delivered through email.

Ignite Visibility is using our white-labeled lead notification feature to brand the emails so they are delivered on behalf of Ignite Visibility, rather than LeadForms.

The image above is an example of a white-labeled lead notification. The “From” address and “Reply-to” are both branded, and we have stripped out all LeadForms’ branding from the email.

Saving Time With Our “Done For You” Service & Setup

To help Ignite Visibility get set up as fast as possible so the team could continue to focus on what they do best, we provided full setup for all LeadForms. 

Even months after the initial setup, we continue to help Ignite Visibility setup new forms and make changes to existing forms — all it takes is a simple email to us and we get to work.

Looking Towards the Future

Ignite Visibility has started rolling out LeadForms to other clients. We’re looking forward to seeing how they continue to use LeadForms in the future. 

What to do next:

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